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Writing, editing and correcting essays and other short texts is one of the main activities of many authors of our company. Through their many years of experience, they can quickly get involved in a variety of thematic areas, thus enabling them to concisely bundle the most important information in an essay.

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Definition essay

An essay is a clever treatise on the different areas of social, cultural, political and scientific life. Unlike documentation, an essay focuses on the subjective perception of the author and his personal exploration of the subject. Strict scientific methods are less relevant in the writing of an essay than the processing of humorous, satirical or ingenious aphorisms in a particular system.

Relevance of essays today

Whether as an editorial in well-known newspapers, whether as columns or glosses, essays from the writing and reading world of the tolerant, liberal-minded, educated man of our time is not to be imagined. They give an insight into the thinking of others, open up new, sometimes astounding approaches and perspectives and move the interested reader to reorientation and new ways of thinking and action. For several years, the essay has also played an important role in the MBA application (Master of Business Administration). Since business schools are often interested in finding out more about the personality of the applicant, which should cover as many management functions as possible, they commission the latter to comment on a certain problem area. This tests the applicant’s ability to structure and present his thoughts in a problem-oriented manner.

Ghostwriting of essays

Writing essays is common in all societies. To write academic essays on various topics relevant to the application and / or science and then to have them personally available, enables future-oriented people to become a cosmopolitan, sure-fledged presence in all social circles. Academic ghostwriters write essays, which can be used as written documents as well as content in communicative discourses, with their keen eye for problem-related details and their talent for subtle subtleties with critical-constructive skill. Academic ghostwriting in this area saves time and is able to be accurately prepared to the point.

How to write an essay

Many students ask: “how I should write my essay?” Below are given the steps needed to write an essay:

  • Accurately analyzing the task position and grasping the framework theme.
  • Approach to the rhetomema by recording first associations. For this purpose, key concepts are arranged in the form of a mind map, an ideaster, a cluster, or the like.
  • Possibly researching and collecting texts, diagrams, caricatures, etc. that fit the topic. However, if a dossier containing information material is available, this step is no longer required.
  • Evaluation of the dossier by summarizing the material in the form of abstracts (short, non-evaluative summary of a text).
  • Key concepts into the mindmaps, etc., characterizing external statements and supplementing them with their own considerations.
  • Create a writing plan (rough-cut) and formulate a striking heading.
  • Write your own essay.
  • Edit the essay.

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