Essay About Stereotypes Writing Guide

The essay assumes an individually emphasized position of the author. Here you are the only creator. Composition in the genre of the essay requires the author not only to demonstrate the “amount of knowledge”, but also to emphasize his own feelings, experiences. You can buy essay online about stereotypes here.

Writing an essay expands your vision of the world and yourself. Good essays are overcome by unreasonable patterns and stereotypes that many of us are inherent in. Since the essay is an attempt to understand in-depth of this or that serious problem, nothing is so contraindicated to this genre as superficiality.

4 Stages of writing an essay about stereotypes

It is advisable to divide the work on the essay into several stages:

  1. Selecting a topic and identifying a problem

Pay attention to the exact wording of the essay theme. The topic is a kind of condition for the task, which, in order to understand, you need to think about. The topic, as a rule, is formulated in such a way that it presupposes not one “right” answer, but many solutions. Reading into it, the student finds himself in that creative space, which is outlined by the theme. Thinking about this or that topic, try to see and formulate one or more problems. This will help you streaming advice on topics. The discovery of the problem and its solution is the main content of the essay.

  1. Selection of material

As soon as the topic becomes clear and the essay problem is formulated, it is necessary to spend time collecting materials – books, articles, Internet resources – and its analysis. It is useful in free form to write out everything that may be needed in an essay: concepts, contradictions, associations, quotations, aphorisms, examples, theses, opinions, arguments, names, events. In a word, “give yourself the will” to write down everything that seems necessary, interesting, relevant to the topic. There is a rational grain in the statement: “Writing is not in the head, but at the fingertips.” Buy an essay on this site.

  1. Work on draft

The essay about stereotypes must begin with a draft. Some people sometimes do not know what a draft is, and they write it as a “white” (final) version of the work: the same densely covered sheet, without fields and icons – one difference that is written carelessly. Such a draft does not leave room for improvement of the text, polishing the idea, does not give the opportunity to work creatively. Wrong (let’s call them so) drafts are suitable for compilation work, which, in turn, with repeated repetition form a fear of self-expression. How to be? Sheets of draft should be left half empty (broad fields!), write only on one side. Fields are needed to make corrections and additions in the process of rereading and editing the original text. On the back of the sheet there is room for writing citations, examples, concretizing the idea, etc.

  1. Writing an essay

It’s time to write the final version of the text. Here we draw attention to a few points.

Psychological types.

People who write essays can be divided into two groups. Representatives of the first group can write regularly and gradually, and issue time after time a quality text, and withstanding it in one style of presentation.

Essay about stereotypes example

Representatives of the second group for a long time wear everything in themselves, the text seems to be ripening. They quite often start talking with others around different topics, for others not quite clear (in fact, this is discussed essays). And then they sit down, and the whole essay pours out (on paper) on the screen for the day. And this is normal.

Logics. In the essay about stereotypes, as in any work, internal logic should be traced. It is determined, on the one hand, by the author’s approach to the issue under discussion, on the other hand by the very question. In addition, one should avoid unreasonable transitions from one idea to another, the thought must be developed consistently.

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